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How does it work?

Vacations are supposed to be stress free.  Our products allow you to relax and enjoy worry free days at the pool, beach or amusement park.

Our Patented design fits on lounge chairs, umbrellas and tons of other things.  Simply insert your valuables, zip it up, secure it over the bar and close it. Now imagine being in the pool without having to constantly look back at your stuff or having someone stay back and watch? Sounds great right?

We think so too! Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

Lock up & Swim!

GREAT IDEA - I have one and we bought one for our son and his family. It is everything they say it is. No more having to hide your valuables while you are at the beach.
Mike B
September 20, 2018
SUPER HELPFULL - Well crafted and so very needed. Last year on vacation i noticed someone had it attached to an umbrella by the pool. Thought it was a great idea so i bought one. I hated hiding my iphone in a bag that someone could rifle through.
November 24, 2018
AMAZING INVENTION - All i can say is this is the coolest product I've bought in 10+ years. It solves a problem I have been experiencing all my life.
Janins Flamsen
September 12, 2018
FANTASTIC PRODUCT - Super at the beach and pool on cruise ship.
Renald Blanchette
June 23, 2018
LOVE IT - The last time my partner and I were at a water park, we were a little nervous about leaving our phones and wallets. Saw this on "Good Morning America" and dived right in. Well made, heavy duty fabric, Easy to set combo. Will give me peace of mind. Thanks FlexSafe for a great product.
January 10, 2019